What is a Live Demonstration?

The live demonstrations will showcase the functionality, features, and capabilities of a digital product in real-time. These demonstrations provide a hands-on experience for the audience, allowing attendees to witness the product in action, observe its performance, and understand its potential benefits first-hand.

Format of the Live Demonstration

Presenters will walk the audience through various scenarios, demonstrating how the product addresses specific challenges or improves efficiency in water resource management. The audience will be able to ask questions and interact with the tool via the Summit App. The session allows potential users, customers, or stakeholders to evaluate the product’s usability, performance, and potential value.

15 Nov 2023 – 16:15-17:15


Jorge Muñoz, Qatium Spain

Qatium: easy-to-use, open water management platform

Get a clear & actionable view of your water systems; operate networks effortlessly and optimize them proactively. In Qatium’s demo, you’ll see how operators can quickly build a digital replica of their system and then use it to streamline daily operations, and run simulations to help maximize performance. Qatium’s core functionalities are available for free to support utilities of all sizes, especially in rural or underserved communities.


Raul Navas, BuntPlanet, Spain

Innovation and Usability in Water Digitalisation: SiWA LeakPlus in Action

The SIWA LeakPlus is an AI-based application for leakage detection in the distribution water networks, with a local case study from Spain highlighting its effectiveness. Usability is considered a paramount factor in its design, ensuring that water utilities can seamlessly integrate it into their operations. One of its notable innovations lies in its Virtual DMAs approach, which optimises water distribution by creating virtual monitoring zones. This approach covers different parameters within water distribution system, involving smart metering, sensors, cloud-computing, artificial intelligence and hydraulic simulations, thus allowing utilities to detect and address leaks and inefficiencies with precision. This holistic approach not only enhances water conservation efforts but also promotes these sustainable water management practices at a global scale.

16 Nov 2023 – 11:45-12:45

Joan Carles Guardiola image

Joan Carles Guardiola, IDRICA, Spain

Interactive demo of Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform

Through this interactive demo, we will demonstrate how final users of the platform can benefit from a holistic approach to solving different operational challenges. The speaker will show different user stories to navigate from the Operational Intelligence layer of the platform to the different applications where data analytics provide valuable insights to identify and solve problems.


Ramon Dolz, Baseform, Portugal

Outcome-driven demo of the Baseform analytics software for water and wastewater

Water utilities are reaching critical levels of deferred maintenance, and need to re-invest substantially, requiring long-term vision and systematic, defendable and transparent planning processes. Conversely, fast-expanding sensorisation and data generation mean we can now increasingly observe reality in detail and continuously adapt infrastructures to the changing needs, vastly improving our control over operations and everyday performance. This demo aims to show how the promise of digitisation is taking place in utilities, with available data, enabling key outcomes to become more fact-based, efficient and sustainable.