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From 30 January until August 2020
LIC Member / Student Member €350
LIC Non-Member / Student Non-Member €400
HIC Member €650
HIC Non-Member €780
From 1 September until 29 November 2020
LIC Member / Student Member €450
LIC Non-Member / Student Non-Member €500
HIC Member €750
HIC Non-Member €880
From 30 November until 3 December 2020
LIC Member / Student Member €550
LIC Non-Member / Student Non-Member €600
HIC Member €850
HIC Non-Member €980

Learn more about HIC/LIC, IWA member and student definitions here:

HIC/LIC Classification: IWA operates a High / Low Income Country classification for its membership and registration fees. The HIC/LIC classification is based on your country of residence and not on your country of origin. Please consult the IWA Country Classification table to verify your HIC/LIC status.

Students: Students need to submit a copy of the student´s ID at the registration site.

IWA member: For discounted registration rates become an IWA member, join now. Select IWA membership with your registration for an automatic discount on your delegate and exhibitor ticket price. You will enjoy a minimum of 1 year of IWA benefits such as receiving The Source Magazine, access to IWA exclusive content online and further discounts on IWA publications and all IWA events.

Registration Fees

  • Prices are 21% Spanish VAT included.
  • Intra-Community VAT number (companies based in the European Union): in case of having a valid intra-community VAT number, you will be exempt of the 21% of VAT to be applied to the fee. If not, you will have to pay the complete price (fee+21%VAT). Please verify here the validity of your company’s VAT number before making the payment.
  • Registration must be paid in euros.
  • All bank expenses will be covered by the sender.
  • The price of the registration will depend on the day of payment and not on the day of registration.
  • All registration prices above include access to the scientific programme and the exhibition area, coffees, lunches, technical visits and social events according to the programme.
  • If you want to go accompanied to the Gala Dinner, you can buy additional tickets on the registration form. The cost is €75 + VAT per unit.
  • Membership of IWA will be verified and membership status is not transferable.
  • Student rate conditions apply. While collecting your badge, you will be asked to show your student ID.

Visas and Letters of Invitation

To request a VISA you must contact with the Spanish embassy in your country. The requirements that will appear next are the basic ones that ask in the embassies to obtain the VISA. Keep it in mind to request yours.

IMPORTANT: We recommend you apply for your visa as soon as possible, as processing times may vary according to location and ​the level of applications received.

You can consult all the information on the Spanish Ministry website.


You will need to have the following before you submit your request to Convention Linkage for your VISA:

  • Valid passport or travel document proving your identity, which is considered valid for this purpose. The travel document must be valid for at least three months after the planned date of departure from Schengen territory and must have been issued within ten years prior to the date of entry.
  • The invitation of a company or an authority to participate in meetings of a commercial, industrial or activity related nature.
  • Flight arrival/departure information. Flights times and Flights numbers.
  • Information about the accommodation: Your planned hotel name, Hotel address, hotel contact…
  • Access cards to fairs and congresses.

Letter of Invitation

A Letter of Invitation is an official document which confirms a registration payment and extends an official invitation to the paid registrant to attend and participate in the upcoming conference. It provides you with an official reason to come to Bilbao.

In order to qualify for a Letter of Invitation, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Be a registered audience member
  • Have paid the conference registration fee

Subject to approval, all letters of invitation will be sent by email as a PDF attachment. Please provide ample time for this to be processed. If you need an invitation letter you can ask for it through the email Please send us, along with your request, the following information to be able to include it in the letter.

Information of the attendee:

  • Full Name (as appears on Travel Document)
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Date of Birth
  • Type of Travel Document
  • Travel Document Number
  • Nationality
  • Proposed Duration of Stay

Please note

  • Under no circumstances shall IWA provide a Letter of Invitation or Visa application paperwork to any interested party who has not met the two criteria listed above.
  • All questions/concerns regarding the status of your VISA should be directed to Convention Linkage.
  • IWA is not authorised to assist with the VISA process.
  • Should your application be denied, IWA cannot change the decision of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor will IWA engage in discussion or correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy of Spain on behalf of the applicant.

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