Digital Water Summit 2024

Join the Transformation Journey

Returning in November 2024, the IWA Digital Water Summit is a unique opportunity for experts and leaders in digital water to explore and share their experiences on digital solutions and how these are being applied to address the current and future challenges of the water sector.

The first edition of the Digital Water Summit was held in Bilbao in November 2022. The successful event saw experts from the water industry, technology companies, utilities, and research coming together to discuss digital innovations for water management.  As a premier business-to-business (B2B) event, the summit provided a spotlight for technology and solutions providers, connecting them with users from the water management supply chain. 

Throughout the summit, insightful sessions explored topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in water systems, data analytics and artificial intelligence for better water management, smart metering, leakage detection, and digital twin technology for modelling water networks. 

Industry leaders shared success stories of implementing digital solutions, emphasising the benefits of improved data collection, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics. The summit encompassed engaging panel discussions and case studies that showcased applied technologies from around the world. Participants had the chance to witness best practices, exchange ideas, and forge valuable collaborations. The summit also featured the InnoHub, providing a platform for technology companies and startups to unveil their latest innovations, enhancing the summit’s profile as a showcase for cutting-edge advancements. 

Building on the success of the second edition in 2023, the IWA Digital Water Summit is returning in Bilbao in November 2024. The leaders of the digital transformation in the water sector will reconvene to unveil the latest updates on developments in digital water. The 2024 edition will highlight concrete uses of digital technologies and solutions through technical sessions, interactive discussions, exhibits, the InnoHub showcase, and social events. This immersive summit promises to provide invaluable insights and foster fruitful connections within the digital water community. 

The summit is an output of the IWA Digital Water Programme. The Digital Water Programme is facilitating the journey of the water industry towards digital uptake and integration into water services. The programme is a gateway for water utilities to access knowledge on the application of digital approaches to improve capacity and performance. Learn more.