A solutions-focused showcase featuring some of the key digital providers from the industry

What is the InnoHub?

The InnoHub sessions at the Digital Water Summit provide a unique opportunity for companies, vendors, and startups in the water industry to present their innovative solutions and technologies. InnoHub pitches offer a platform to showcase cutting-edge products, services, or digital solutions that cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by utilities and water management organisations. These presentations allow businesses to highlight their technological advancements, demonstrate the tangible benefits their offerings bring, and enhance their credibility in the industry.

Through the InnoHub format, businesses can engage directly with potential customers, investors, and partners who are interested in exploring new technologies and solutions for water management. The pitches are carefully crafted to capture attention, clearly communicate the value proposition of the offerings, and inspire the audience to consider entering into a business relationship.
For utilities, the InnoHub presentations serve as an opportunity to discover and evaluate the latest innovations in the water industry. Utilities can witness first-hand how these innovative solutions can enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and contribute to sustainable water management practices. The sessions provide insights into emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and transformative approaches that can help utilities stay at the forefront of the industry.

Additionally, InnoHub pitches also facilitate networking and collaboration between businesses and utilities. They create a space where potential customers and partners can connect with innovative solution providers, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and enabling the adoption of advanced technologies within the utilities sector.

Format of the InnoHub

The InnoHub pitches are delivered outside the main Summit room. For the 2023 edition of the Summit, there will be a dedicated stage for the InnoHub separated from the exhibition area to ensure a high quality interaction between the presenters and the audience. The time allowed for each presentation is 10 minutes and there is no Q&A session, with the venue and format facilitating networking to follow up on presentations.

Discover the companies that will present at the InnoHub

Grundfos – a digital partner

Ulrik Højbjerre, Grundfos, Denmark

SEWDEF®-AI: Maximising the value of sewer CCTV inspections for Cost-Effective Maintenance

Lucas León, INLOC Robotics, Spain

Presentation title: TBC

Victor Ollivier, Purecontrol, France

Presentation title: TBC

Presenter: TBC

Join us at the InnoHub, where innovation finds its home, minds converge, and the water industry is transformed.